When we create an event or sets, we start having visions. We get ideas, think about scenic design, branding, picture the staging, dream up the design and explore the technology that will help us bring about the best possible live experience.

The only challenge we face is how to communicate all these ideas to our clients – quickly, effectively and efficiently.

We love to use 3D renders to bring our ideas to life. Using the appropriate software, we can rebuild the exact venue booked for the occasion, and then fill it with our staging, tech, sets, lights, colours, branding – everything. We can put in the props, tables and chairs, lay out the decorations, even include the people enjoying themselves if we want to!



3D renders are a great way to really immerse a client into a potential event project. And of course, if we want to delete or add a new element, it just takes a bit of design to change things up again.

We can use this process to show a client exactly what they are getting.  We can also use this process to measure our capabilities in the space. Everything is produced so accurately on the computer that we can assess in advance whether our staging, screens and equipment will fit into the space with perfect symmetry and neatnes

Our bespoke service will give you a truly uniquely designed and innovative experience.

Here’s a little glimpse of our 3D Designs...